2015–2016 Incredible Islands Scope and Sequence Just Released!

July 29, 2015

Complete Scope and Sequence


Planning for your 2015–2016 year? Check out the complete 52–week Scope and Sequence for the Incredible Islands curriculum. Series titles are listed below and include special lessons leading up to Christmas and Easter.


God’s Big Love for Us

Prophets and Kings

I Serve a Big God

God and My Choices (Includes the Birth of Jesus)

Stories and Miracles of Jesus

Easter: God’s Ultimate Act of Love

God is a Provider

God Invites Us to Join His Story


Not only will your kids cultivate a closer relationship with Jesus, but with the provided application activities and the interactive online world, kids will continue learning these lessons at home and online, reinforcing the Biblical truths you teach in the classroom! See how it works!

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