How to Increase Giving in Your Children’s Ministry

August 19, 2015
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It’s Sunday morning…kids are coming into your classroom and as mom drops them off, she gives them a dollar to put in the offering. The child sticks the dollar in their pocket or Bible. Class begins and in many children’s ministries, the offering plate is passed. The child pulls out the dollar and puts it in the plate as it’s passed. This happens every weekend. Have you ever asked yourself what exactly the child learns from this experience, other than the repetitive notion that every week we are obligated to put something in the plate when it comes by?


Children in our ministries are at an age where they learn socially, through imitation and role play. For example, think about when kids play “house”…no one has to teach a child how to play “house”, they just do it naturally! They naturally learn about the world around them by creating these re-enactments and role play scenarios. So how can we take advantage of this? What can we do so that children can truly practice, or play “house” with, the concept of sacrificial giving? Incredible Islands has come up with a solution.


If you are using Incredible Islands in your ministry, you can encourage your children to go into the online world, work really hard, and earn 1000 coins. They then have the choice to use those coins to either ‘purchase’ items in the online world for themselves, or print a gift certificate and bring it as an offering to church. No longer are they going through the prescribed offering motions but actually experiencing sacrificial giving for themselves! You’re allowing them to play “house” with sacrificial giving. Now the child has experienced the effort to earn, real sacrifice in giving, and the joy and blessing that comes from it. Think about how much more they will learn about sacrificial giving this way, than if mom gives them a dollar to put in the plate.  


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