Back to School: Balance vs. Rhythm

September 2, 2015



by Crys Gorman


It’s September, which can only mean one thing…back to school! A time of year when we all look forward to getting back into a routine. And as our routines get busier, we often find ourselves craving “balance” in our lives. It’s not uncommon to hear, “I need more work/home balance in my life.”


Unfortunately, it’s a false reality to think balance, “a condition in which different elements occur in equal amounts”, can exist in your life. Think about it…you spend at least ¾ of the day at work, plus your commute, and you sleep (sometimes). Which means just a few hours remain each day for, well, everything else. By the math alone, if we were to achieve a perfect work/home balance, we would work 33.3%, sleep 33.3%, and be home enjoying our families and hobbies 33.3% of the time.


Therefore, by definition, “balance” is unattainable and as such, frustrating and spiritually draining. Stop attempting to achieve “balance,” and instead aim for rhythm. Rhythm is “a regular and repeated pattern”. Biblically, that is a week with six days on and one day off. Perhaps you work six days a week and rest one, perhaps you work five, take care of household chores and errands on the sixth, and rest on the seventh. Regardless of what you do with your six, you find your rhythm by resting on the one.


God set this example for us! Genesis 2:2 (NIV) says, “On the seventh day He rested from all His work”. God knew we would constantly be spinning our wheels, trying to “power through”, chasing after the unattainable goal of “balance”. Instead, He provided us with His rhythm…six days on and one day of rest. Six and one. Six and one.


Striving for “balance” is an unrealistic pursuit that will lead to frustration and burnout.

Striving for rhythm is following in the footsteps of the One who has gone before us, and results in fulfillment, refreshment, and sustainability.




About the Author: Crys Gorman serves OneHope through the development of Incredible Islands. She serves alongside her husband Matt, children’s pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX, where they are passionate about the local church and reaching the next generation of leaders.

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