Dinnertime Conversation Starters

September 16, 2015
dinnertime conversation

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by Crys Gorman

One of the best ways to improve your children’s ministry is to facilitate the communication between parents and their kids. Here’s a fun and easy game you can give to parents to help start conversations and open up communication. You can also use this game during your own ministry time to get to know your kids better!


All it takes: Print the questions on a flyer and hand them out to parents after service with a fun-size package of M&Ms attached. Then post a photo on your ministry Facebook page halfway through the week to help remind parents to use it!


Step 1: Open bag of M&Ms and choose one.

Step 2: Answer the question that goes with the color you choose.

Step 3: Eat M&M!


Possible Questions:

Red: Tell us something about yesterday.

Orange: Tell us something you do well.

Yellow:Tell us something about your childhood.

Blue: Tell us something you learned last week.

Brown: Tell us something you can’t live without.

Green: Tell us something you watch or listen to.



About the Author: Crys Gorman serves OneHope through the development of Incredible Islands. She serves alongside her husband Matt, children’s pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX, where they are passionate about the local church and reaching the next generation of leaders.

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