What is Incredible Islands?

Incredible Islands is an application-oriented, gospel-centered, easy to use curriculum that provides highly participatory lessons for your live church service, and then seamlessly integrates those lessons into an interactive online world, allowing you to minister to your kids all week long; in church, at home, and online. A customized dashboard lets children’s ministry leaders direct and monitor kids’ time and activity in the online world that they can play anywhere, anytime.

These two components of the Incredible Islands curriculum paired together give children’s ministry leaders a complete solution to weekend, family, and digital ministry. Leaders can guide their children through a lesson in a corporate ministry setting, equip families in the spiritual formation of their children through Quests and take-home materials, and extend their ministry beyond the walls of their church building through the Incredible Islands online world.

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Why is Incredible Islands important?

Kids today spend 4 – 7 hours a day online, and most are connected to the Internet by age three. In order to reach today’s children, it is vital that the church has a positive presence in the digital world! As a digitally-based medium, Incredible Islands engages children and equips them with biblical and educational knowledge in measurable ways.

How does it work?

Incredible Islands is an application-oriented, Gospel-centered, easy-to-use curriculum. Each lesson provides highly participatory lessons for your live church service, and then seamlessly integrates those lessons into an interactive, online world. These two components of the Incredible Islands Curriculum paired together give children’s ministry leaders a complete solution to minister to their kids all week long – in church, at home, and online.

Each student is given an account and during the week they engage in a Scripture-rich online game where they can create a character and design a home, play fun and educational games, read Bible Stories and memorize scripture verses, and earn coins and points. Students are tasked by their ministry leader with a new Mission each week, which coordinates with the church lesson and provides for ongoing scripture engagement and life application while away from church.

A weekly Mission consists of a Bible Story and Quiz, Memory Verse, Prayer, and Giving an offering to the Adventure Harbor Church. Completing the Mission allows children to earn coins and experience points, and work as a team to accomplish their goal. Children’s ministry leaders can also assign a Quest, or real-life application, to help children begin to apply what they are learning at church and online.

The children’s ministry leader can use a simple dashboard to customize the Bible Story, Memory Verse, and Quest to correspond with their curriculum, as well as view reports to see how their students are progressing.

Today’s children intuitively engage in digital content significantly more than printed materials, and Incredible Islands is a necessary ministry tool that allows pastors to bridge the digital gap to reach the next generation.

See more at www.incredibleislands.com/howitworks.

What are the core beliefs behind Incredible Islands?

Our Mission: To affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word
to all the children and youth of the world.

We believe ours is a God-given mission and that God has called us to work for Him to reach the children and youth of the world with His Word.

We believe that we can save no one and that God can save anyone. We are messengers, our product is the tool, but salvation comes from God Himself through the convincing and convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God’s Word is inspired, infallible, inerrant and all-powerful. The Word is the firm foundation that God has given to this world, and its message is the only hope for mankind. When understood and adhered to, the Word answers all of life’s questions and provides a perfect solution to every situation.

We believe innovation is essential. In order to reach the youth of the world, we must constantly improve and adapt to speak the truth to a new generation. While people are different, the principles and values of the life of Jesus are universal, and we must approach the world with strategic diversity.


Is the Incredible Islands online world safe for my child?

The Incredible Islands online world is an exclusive site where children can learn about God in a fun and interactive way. It is a completely closed learning environment with no ads, and your child’s account can be accessed only by you, your child, and the children’s ministry leader/s. As long as children stay on the site, they will have a safe experience.

Children and leaders can communicate with one another, but only through predefined messages in the Linko messaging system, i.e. children cannot write their own messages to each other and adult leaders cannot send personalized messages to children.

Our top-notch legal consultants have taken extensive measures to make sure that Incredible Islands is absolutely safe for both adults and children by ensuring compliance with the highest levels of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Who has access to my child through the Incredible Islands online world?

The Incredible Islands online world is a closed virtual learning environment that can be accessed only by you, your child, and your children’s ministry leader/s.

Can other children write messages to my child through the Incredible Islands online world?

The Incredible Islands online world has a messaging system called Linko, which allows children to send pre-defined messages to other children within their church team. To ensure safety, children cannot write their own messages to each other, and adult leaders cannot send personalized messages to children.

Learning and Development

What will my child learn through Incredible Islands?

Your children’s ministry leader can coordinate the Bible Story, Memory Verse and Quest to what they’re teaching in church. This means that the values, principles, and lessons they’re taught in church are reinforced when your child completes the assigned Mission. In addition, Incredible Islands has been designed to include the following:

Biblical Knowledge and Values
Every island in the online world has activities that enrich a child’s Christian values and knowledge of the Bible.

Educational Development
Explorer’s Cove consists of multiple educational games and activities whose goal is to strengthen early reading, math, and critical thinking skills.

The framework of Incredible Islands encourages children to achieve and grow together. Children complete weekly Missions—Scripture memorization, Bible literacy, prayer, and giving—both individually and as part of a team.

Real-Life Application
Incredible Islands Quests are acts of service that encourage Christlikeness. Children will be taught that everything we do for one another is out of service to Christ.

The Incredible Islands online world provides many opportunities for children to express themselves and to grow creatively, e.g. they can decorate their island home, dress their character, and create artwork.

How can I as a parent be involved?

Ask your child questions about what they’re doing in the game.
Weekly activities are the things children can do through the Incredible Islands online world when they are not at church. These activities consist of completing a Mission (Prayer, Scripture Memorization, Bible Story, Giving) as well as real-life application assignments called Quests. Missions are completed online, and Quests are completed offline.

Check out their Progress Reports
Reports are available to show how much time your child spends in the Incredible Islands online world and the progress they are making, such as how many scripture verses they have memorized or how many Bible Stories they have read. Your children’s ministry leader will be able to get these reports to you via email.

Purchasing and Getting Started with Incredible Islands

Who can purchase Incredible Islands?

Incredible Islands can be purchased by any entity that wishes to provide a way for a group of students to spend more time in Scripture and with biblical content. This includes but is not limited to churches, schools, and homeschools. Incredible Islands cannot be purchased by a single or individual player.

Purchase plans and 30 Day Free Trials can be found at www.incredibleislands.com/pricing.

Can I preview Incredible Islands before I purchase it?

Yes!  You can preview the online world and play the Demo, and you can view a sample curriculum lesson. When you are ready to give it a try in your ministry, you can sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial , which gives you full access to the game, the dashboard, and all the Training Center resources as well as technical support and customer service. You can sign up for a plan at anytime during the trial, however, after 30 days, you will be locked out of any accounts you created in the game. You will still have access to your dashboard where you can purchase a plan, and all progress will be saved, so when you choose to purchase, you can pick up where you left off!

You can purchase your plan or sign up for a free trial at www.incredibleislands.com/pricing.

What if I have further questions or technical issues?

Whenever you encounter an issue or concern with Incredible Islands, we hope you’ll let us know so we can help! You can reach our Customer Service and Client Support Center by email at help@incredibleislands.com, search for your question in the Knowledge Base, or contact us directly based on your location at www.incredibleislands.com/help.