Incredible Islands develops a sustainable faith, which changes a child's destiny and the lives of those around them.

Incredible Islands is an application-oriented, Gospel-centered, easy-to-use curriculum. Each lesson provides highly participatory lessons for your live church service, and then seamlessly integrates those lessons into an interactive, online world. Incredible Islands allows you to minister to your kids all week long—in church, at home, and online.

Two Incredible Tools
One Incredible Curriculum!

Curriculum Lessons

For the Classroom
  • Gospel-centered: Connecting each Bible Story to God’s big story of salvation.
  • Practically Applicable: Demonstrating how children can respond to what they learn.
  • Highly Participatory: Equipping children to take an active part in their own learning.
  • Co-creative and Social: Children create, build, and act out the lessons together.
  • Supply-Light: Intended for pastors on the go.
  • Easy to Use for Sunday schools, children’s worship services, VBS, and homeschool networks.

Online World

For the Rest of the Week
  • Mobile Access: The Incredible Islands app lets children read a weekly interactive Bible Story and respond to a Quiz, practice a Memory Verse, Give an offering, Pray, and complete a Quest every day.
  • Extend Your Reach: Stay in touch with your kids during the week through Island Messenger and Linko.
  • Offline Application: Your classroom lessons put into practice in everyday life.
  • Gospel Presentation: Kids can ask questions about Jesus.
  • FUN! Over 100 fun games and activities.
  • Safe: A biblical alternative for a child’s online time.
  • Reports: Monitor your kids’ engagement and learning levels.

These two components of the Incredible Islands Curriculum paired together give children’s ministry leaders a complete solution for weekend, family, and digital ministry. Leaders can guide their children through a lesson in a corporate ministry setting, equip families in the spiritual formation of their children through Quests and take-home materials, and extend their ministry beyond the walls of the church through the Incredible Islands online world.

International Missions

The lessons provide many of our international partners with a full-featured lesson plan, something not commonly available outside the United States. These lessons were written with global implementation in mind. Additionally, the Incredible Islands online world will continue to work with any other curriculum, allowing for continued use in diverse ministry settings.